Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa Upcoming Events

Myths and Realities About Iowa’s Teacher Pension Plan | 6.7.2017

This is a presentation by Chad Aldeman that discusses the myths and realities of Iowa’s teacher pension plan. From February 15, 2017    

2017 Annual Meeting Presentation | 2.14.17

This presentation addresses: “Public Pensions in Iowa: Myths & Realities”    

All we want for Christmas is a Property Tax Graph!

Recently the Taxpayers Association provided a list of links to Central Iowa city calendars, and we came across something that’s made us green with envy. The city of Grimes’ website offers a Property Tax graph! Okay – okay – so … Continue reading

Tis the season… For cities to decide how they’ll spend your taxes.

Tis the season… For cities to decide how they’ll spend your taxes. Budget workshops and council meetings are being held in cities throughout Central Iowa (many tomorrow, December 12th) during which your local governments will discuss the budgets for Fiscal … Continue reading

Ideas In Action: Des Moines 101

Ideas In Action: Des Moines 101 – November 10th 4-6pm @ The Cub Club

Asking the right questions

Suppose you set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to fulfill a five-year pledge you made to a capital campaign for your church; or to construct the Botanical Center’s outdoor gardens; or to build the University of Iowa’s … Continue reading

Presentation: Securing Iowa’s Public Pension Systems | 02.25.15

Donna Mueller, CEO, Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System IPERS IPERS – Annual Summary for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2014 Presentation: Securing Iowa’s Public Retirement Systems | David Draine, Senior Researcher Public Sector Retirement Systems Project Gretchen Tegeler, President, Taxpayers … Continue reading