The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa is pleased to offer Ideas In Action, a series of insightful, informative and educational networking events. We are committed to keeping members and the community involved and informed about key issues.

The public is encouraged to attend.




September 27, 2017: A Win/Win for K-12 Schools

You’re Invited!

  • Looking for ways to optimize your resources during some of the toughest financial times ever?
  • Want to compare notes with other districts on their experiences with alternative ways to deliver services such as transportation, food service, custodial, educational staffing and others?
  • Intrigued, but have lots of questions? 

Join association members, school superintendents, business officials and board members as we explore best practices along with myths and realities of alternative service delivery.  Hear from local and national experts and from your peers about their actual experiences, and ask all the questions you may have.

The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa supports K-12 schools in achieving the best possible value for every tax dollar.  

Join association members and K-12  school superintendents, business officials and board members.  

Please register today online, or call 515.288.3328


September 21, 2017 Ideas in Action: Interpreting Your Property Tax Bill

Join us! Whether you rent or own, property taxes are likely your single largest state/local tax liability. With property tax bills payable in September, it’s a great time to join the Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa to review your own (or your landlord’s) tax bill, and meet central Iowa leaders with whom your tax dollars are entrusted.

During this highly interactive program, Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney will show us how to look up our own property tax bill on our mobile devices, and how to determine which local governments are receiving which share of our property taxes.

Then, you can learn from local leaders like DMACC President Rob Denson how local entities decide what to levy, and what they use the dollars to accomplish.

There is NO CHARGE to attend, but we do encourage registration as space fills up fast.

Register online for this event today, or call 515.288.3328


Ideas in Action: Des Moines 201 | 4.20.17

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Ideas In Action: The Art of Budgeting | 1.26.17

Art of Budgeting pic 13

Ideas In Action: Des Moines 101 | 11.10.16

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The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa hosted 50+ community members November 10th at the Cub Club. Guests were provided a unique opportunity to engage in frank, face-to-face conversation with city leaders. Attendees explored various aspects of our city’s development, including River Recreation, East Village Development, the Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines Nightlife, Trails & Mobility, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and learned more about the Taxpayers Association and our mission. Emcee’d by Abby Eckert of Principal Financial Group, the Des Moines 101 session of our Ideas In Action series received rave reviews from guests! The unique rotating “round table” format, held in the Cub Club’s casual environment, resonated with guests, who felt they had truly joined the conversation.

Ideas In Action: Capital Funding in K12 Education | 11.12.15

Ideas In Action: The Impact of Taxes on Small Businesses | 10.14.15

Ideas In Action:  School Funding| Galen Howsare | 04.10.14

Ideas In Action: School Funding | Dr. Jerry Deegan handouts | 04.10.14

Ideas In Action: Des Moines Airport Authority | Kevin Foley | 10.09.14

Ideas In Action: DART | Elizabeth Presutti | 12.11.14

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) – The Good, The Bad and The Facts (VIDEO)

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